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Most upper-class Turks I’d met were unsympathetic to religion, but Kemal’s vehemence was unusual.Perhaps you had to have once really, really believed in your God to come to this point.There are many Turkish single men looking for single women at these Turkish dating sites.Many relationships and marriage have been created from these online dating services.

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Based on your posts, it appears that Turkey is a male-dominated country, the men don't believe in public displays of affection (so you're not going to be seeing happy couples in public), the culture is stressful due to money worries, and finally women are inadequately informed and prepared for sex.

All those factors would certainly contribute to unhappy marriages.

American marriages are certainly not perfect but they are generally not hurt by the factors you mentioned and couples probably have healthier sex lives too.

I heard that Turkish men see foreign women like American, British etc women as "easy" and they only use foreign women for sex but then marry a Turkish girl? I´m not sure if that is as common enough to create a stereotype but I can say that is true in general.

(this group is the minority) For those who are to raise objection, I have worked in those places as a waiter, bartender etc. So I think I have witnessed enough to make such a categorization. I know there are many honest turkish guys who are not like that at all!? Where in my question has discrimination against any person´s race? Why most Turkish people think everyone else is racist and everyone is against them?