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Self consolidating

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What’s more, specialized testing is required to characterize and optimize the mix.Self-consolidating concrete starts with ordinary concrete ingredients, but the mixing process and proportions are different. Defined by the American Concrete Institute as “concrete which will be permanently exposed to view and which therefore requires special care in selection of the concrete materials, forming, placing and finishing to obtain the desired architectural appearance,” it is showing its face everywhere.Examples of applications are buildings and transportation structures like bridges and highway sound/barrier walls.The need for this technology has grown as designers specify more heavily reinforced concrete members and ever more complex formwork.Honeycombing or exposed reinforcement in structural walls or columns is a constant concern in these structures.(1) In 1997, a RILEM committee (TC 174) on SCC was founded.

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The first paper on SCC was presented at the second East-Asia and Pacific Conference on Structural Engineering and Construction (EASEC-2) in 1989, followed by another presentation at an Energy Diversification Research Laboratories (CANMET)/American Concrete Institute (ACI) meeting in 1992.Question: Definition of controlled low-strength material (CLSM) Question: Why is consolidation needed? Question: Consolidation of Concrete—Required or Not? Cookie Advice We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our site.Delivery methods include cast-in-place, precast, and tilt-up, and in every case, good appearance is essential.Achieving good surface characteristics requires thorough consolidation of the fresh concrete and thoroughly filled forms.Self consolidating concrete, also known as self compacting concrete - a highly flowable, non-segregating concrete that can spread in place, fill formwork and encapsulate the reinforcement without any mechanical consolidation.