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The other main issue, particularly in the Japanese RPG format, is that you can make a million different character classes for the player to choose from, and each one still has an optimal set of equipment and attributes that renders all others useless. If not for “better stuff”, then what are you grinding for, anyway?It’s puzzled me since the ’90s: You go to a new town and the shops offer a whole raft of equipment, but one is the best, period. Go kill some whatevers until you get some more currency, solved problem.

IRC Channel The IRC Channel is a place to chat with this community, but without being restricted to discussing Persona.

They form a group, Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad or SEES, that go out at night to try and make the world better.

The high school simulation puts the interpersonal growth of your character under your control, and that growth directly affects your performance in battle.

It is almost always occupied and a great place to just hang out.

Steam Group We also have a Steam group, which gets less use now due to the IRC.