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The team at Loan Plan has an sound understanding of refinancing and debt consolidation.Our aim is to work with you to provide options that best suit your requirements.However, the rate should still be much lower than the one you have on your credit cards. Take Out a New Mortgage Sometimes it is possible to consolidate debt when buying a new home, although it is hard because you don’t have existing equity to tap into in the home.This method may require a sizable down payment, and since some of that down payment will go towards the debt consolidation, your mortgage insurance premiums may be larger.A home mortgage, for most people, is the largest debt they will take on in their lifetime.While a mortgage is a liability that you are responsible to pay, it can also be a vehicle for helping you to consolidate other high-interest debt.

This article highlights a few of the major reasons as to why people decide to refinance their mortgages.

The valuable equity that you have in your home can be used to consolidate high interest credit card debts, credit lines and even car loans.

In the past, for a client to consolidate credit card and loan debts, a second mortgage was your only choice.

Here are three ways to use your mortgage for consolidating debt. Use a Cash-Out Refinance For an existing home mortgage, a cash-out refinance is one way to use your home for consolidating debt.

This option involves refinancing for an amount higher than the principal owed on your current loan.