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Jsp code database updating

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In the page, we are using a Text box where user can give his/her name and submit the page.

After submitting the page, updating will be called and the sql query ("update servlet set name = ?

In this chapter, you will see how you can modify the sample application and add functionality that allows users to edit, update, and delete data in Oracle Database.

This chapter includes the following sections: methods.

To keep it simple — but also show several different data types — I've created the following My SQL database table: create table users ( id int unsigned auto_increment not null, first_name varchar(32) not null, last_name varchar(32) not null, date_created timestamp default now(), is_admin boolean, num_points int, primary key (id) ); -- insert some sample records insert into users (first_name, last_name) values ('Fred', 'Flinstone'); insert into users (first_name, last_name) values ('Barney', 'Rubble'); A few of these fields are a little contrived, but I wanted to show several different data types in one table, so this is what I came up with.

In particular, the field "num_points" is a little unusual.

Any object that conforms to certain basic rules can be a bean.

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All the methods in the sample application include code for handling exceptions.

Although the target database system is My SQL, but the same technique can be applied for other database systems as well because the query syntax used is standard SQL which is supported by all relational database systems.

We will learn how to do insert, query, update and delete database records by writing code to manage records of a table Users in a My SQL database called Sample DB. )"; Prepared Statement statement = conn.prepare Statement(sql); String(1, "bill"); String(2, "secretpass"); String(3, "Bill Gates"); String(4, "[email protected]"); int rows Inserted = statement.execute Update(); if (rows Inserted method to execute the INSERT statement.

Before starting with database access through a JSP, make sure you have proper JDBC environment setup along with a database.

For more detail on how to access database using JDBC and its environment setup you can go through our JDBC Tutorial.