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I remember feeling like, this is the opportunity where we can show Hannah is not a reliable narrator.

The whole thing has been her point of view of Adam.

They are each other’s very first loves, and through the Internet, they have established a connection that feels as real as if they were right there beside each other. You can kick in a few bucks here to help Schwartzman & co. (They’re already over halfway there, with 19 days to go!

) You can share your story at their Tumblr, “Without the Internet We Never Would Have Met.” And you can watch the trailer, oh, right now!

Chloe of Feministing, hilariously, on Tasmania’s (!

) first female premier: Lara Giddings was the youngest person ever elected to Australian parliament, winning her seat when she was just 23 years old…This week, she became the first woman to be sworn in as Premier of the state of Tasmania, after serving for two and a half years as the state’s second ever female Deputy Premier.

The family is heartbroken beyond words," Clementi’s family said in a statement.

The family said Clementi committed suicide by jumping off the bridge and that his body has not been found.

Two days later, police said Ravi tried to use the webcam again to catch his roommate in a sex scene.

These days, the stories we hear about kidz and the technology are often cautionary tales: strangers! “xoxosms is about first love, long distance and Skype.

But Nancy Schwartzman — producer and director of the in-the-works film xoxosms — wants to tell a different, more salutary tale: about (young) people forging relationships that may start as virtual, but are very, very real.

It looks closely at one young couple who — like many — met online and fell in love before ever meeting each other,” says Schwartzman.

“There’s a tension between their ‘digital intimacy’ and real life, and the film explores the way the digital world, full of intimacy, bonding, sweetness, is a way to mitigate the hard stuff of growing up and having sex.