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Well, the answer is perhaps in the fact that after having dated for so long, you unknowingly begin to become possessive about that person.You may dislike your Ex but you have not been able to cut him apart from your life.If you share custody of your children, you’ll need to focus on what’s best for them.In dealing with your ex-wife, you are often told to avoid negative talk or interactions in the presence of your children.With your children’s best interests in mind, it may help the situation if you are cordial with him.You don’t have to crack jokes with him, but simply leaving the animosity behind may help the situation.

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If you're wondering how to handle some of the issues that may arise with your ex-husband, the following input from our life coach can help: Question: How do you handle it if your fiancé is still close to an ex, even if they ended their relationship 20 years ago? He also thinks that it should be okay with me to let him go out to lunch with her every once in a while without me. He was also married before, and his ex-wife didn't allow this, so why should I? Gloria's Answer: Instead of asking yourself if you are wrong for feeling this way, I'd love for you take a few minutes and ask yourself why you are feeling this way.

You bumped upon your EX at a coffee shop who seemed to enjoy the company of a girl.

You feel something, you are unable to infer what it is, but it is causing you pain, piercing you.

What bothers me is that he talks to her more than he talks to any of his other friends. More than anything else, I'm hearing that you are afraid of all the "what if's" associated with your fiancé in this relationship. Is there an underlying feeling of distrust there that is building up inside of you?

It is very common in a divorce situation or with a past girlfriend to have to deal with a relationship that still exists.