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), ay isang bansa sa Timog silangang Asya, na naghahanggan sa Burma at Tsina sa hilagang kanluran, sa Vietnam sa silangan, sa Cambodia sa timog, at sa Thailand sa kanluran.

Dating culture in puerto rico

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The Arawakan achievements included construction of ceremonial ball parks whose boundaries were marked by upright stone dolmens, development of a universal language, and creation of a complicated religious cosmology.There was a hierarchy of deities who inhabited the sky; Yocahu was the supreme Creator.Another god, Jurakán, was perpetually angry and ruled the power of the hurricane.

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During the Spanish colonization the cultures and customs of the Taíno, Spanish, African and women from non-Hispanic countries blended into what became the culture and customs of Puerto Rico.

Marriages in Puerto Rico are usually recognized by the Catholic church.

Common-law or consensual unions, once typical in peasant regions, have become less common.

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