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Apple weather widget not updating

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A factory data reset clears all data and restores it to default settings and may help with: can't tap items on the screen, apps freezing/crashing/hanging, device freezes / locks up/ runs slow / won't charge/sync.My friend got a 5c, and something happened with it and she got a new one sent to her.Interestingly, some third-party apps continue using the default font on the i Phone even though the systemwide font has been changed.You can apply themes to your i OS springboard and the changes will show up in Car Play. The Car Play interface (layout) doesn't change though.Our Verizon coverage map may show why you're having trouble with device setup/activation, media transfers, apps, data connections, email, messaging, and placing/receiving calls. If you're having issues with your phone or device, visit our Troubleshooting Assistant.If you're having other issues with your device, visit our Troubleshooting Assistant. We take to the streets of NYC and ask some hard-hitting questions: What does 4G LTE stand for? These walk you through solutions for issues you may have with your device.You can also change the system default font in Car Play by using a tweak called Byta Font 2.

The app makes really good use of the Apple Watch: there’s a Complication that can tell you when it’s time to look for the International Space Station flying past, and its app can help you identify the stars and constellations above you, while it uses the Digital Crown for “time travel”, so you can see the sky move on your wrist.

The Byta Font 2 version is compatible with i OS 7 and i OS 8.

The font I'm currently using is 'Bubblegum Sans.' Byta Font 2 has a full range of fonts you can choose from.

If I purchase a new iphone 6s (once my contract is up) at an Apple Store, can I bring to Verizon and add to my existing account? Also links to the Bluetooth car compatibility matrix. If you're having other issues with your phone or device, visit our Troubleshooting...

I do not wish to pay the monthly charges for the 24 months the way Verizon has it set up. To add a free temporary block to stop unwanted calls and messages, view this info.