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Adolescent dating violence victimization and psychological well being questions new era dating issue

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And so, to help further the discussion, we offer in this article a gender-based analysis of teen dating violence with a developmental perspective.[5] We look at what we know — and what we don't know — about who is the perpetrator and who is the victim in teen dating violence.We also discuss how adult and adolescent romantic relationships differ in the hope that an examination of existing research will help us better understand the problem and move the field toward the creation of developmentally appropriate prevention programs and effective interventions for teenagers.Initial efforts aimed at better understanding interpersonal violence focused on college students and adults.More recently, investigations have started to address the prevalence of dating violence among adolescents, although the literature base for this population is less extensive, particularly with respect to minority youth.These symptoms may take on several different forms (e.g.psychological, behavioral, or physical), be associated with specific forms of victimization, and be moderated by individual characteristics of the victim and/or experiences after victimization.

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Specifically, perceived social support was evaluated as a moderator between (a) physical dating violence victimization and anxiety/depression and (b) emotional abuse in dating relationships and anxiety/depression.

Findings highlight the powerful influence of perceived social support among adolescent targets of physical violence and emotional abuse in dating relationships.

********** Dating violence is a pervasive form of victimization within our society, and has been linked to deleterious outcomes including depression, anxiety, and physical injury (Carlson, 1987; De Keseredy & Schwartz, 1994).

Despite evidence documenting the negative consequences, psychological dating violence occurs frequently in adolescent dating relationships.

No information exists on the trajectories that adolescents follow and their association to nonphysical peer violence.